• Northside Roleplay Server Rules & Guidelines

    1. Members are NOT allowed to break RP at any point.
    2. If you need to talk to someone outside of RP then say "Check your TeamSpeak app on your phone" and talk outside of game.
    3. All players must have a clear and working microphone.
      1. If you cannot fix your microphone within the first 5 minutes of being on the server you may be kicked.
    4. Players are not allowed to injure or steal from EMS. 
      1. This includes vehicles.
    5. Hacking of any kind is not allowed and will result in a ban with no appeal.
    6. Players should value their life at all times.
    7. If you are in an RP situation and your life is in danger you must RP as if you are in said danger. You can only run or act during a dangerous situation if you FIRMLY believe you would be able to accomplish those actions in real life.
    8. When using air or water based vehicles you must use them for their intended purposes.
    9. If you crash your plane/boat in a manner that is malicious you are subject to a permanent ban.
    10. Players are not allowed to steal police vehicle without valid RP reason!
      1. BAD: You walk up to the bank and the police car outside is unlocked so you take it.
      2. GOOD: You get into a shoot out with the police and their car is unlocked so you take it as an escape vehicle and drop it further down the road when you can obtain a new vehicle.Players are not allowed to spawn any armored vehicles or planes for any RP reason. 
        1. Doing so could result in a kick or ban from the server.
    11. Fail RP: Any scenario that does not have a logical result from an initiation. An example would be you accidentally bump into someone and they pull a gun out and kill you as a result. 
    12. Fail RP Pursuit: Any scenario in which a player attempts to flee from the police with no valid reason to do so.
    13. VDM: Any scenario in which one player kills/injures another player using a vehicle with no valid RP reason to do so. 
    14. RDM: Any scenario in which one player kills/injures another player using a weapon (including fists/melee weapons) with no valid RP reason to do so. 
    15. Power Gaming: Any scenario where a player attempts to role-playing an item that is capable. An example would be role-playing a bomb threat when there are no bombs attainable in the server.
      1. The only exception to this rule is you may take an officer's radio away in a hostage situation. That officer must mute entirely on TeamSpeak AND discord if connected.
    16. Meta Gaming: An attempt to look off of someone else's stream or spectate someone else for your own benefits.
    17. Combat Logging: This is defined as disconnecting from the server when in a situation to avoid punishment. An example would be disconnecting from the server after the cops arrive on scene of a murder to avoid being arrested as the killer.
      1. If you crash you must provide evidence of your game crashing! - NO EXCEPTIONS.
    18. Green Zones: Green Zones are areas within the map that are protected their is no role-play other than simple conversation allowed in these areas. .
      1. Green Zone Areas: Banks, Police Stations, Hospitals, Stores, and Dealerships.
    19. ALL players can not impersonate or be a Lawyer, or a Judge!