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    San Andreas Public Safety

  • Our Vision

    Our vision for San Andreas Public Safety is to help and provide assistance to the citizens of San Andreas and serve justice to the bad guys that are causing trouble in our State!



    “Dedicated to providing the highest degree of law enforcement service throughout the State of San Andreas while maintaining values of integrity, professionalism, and fairness.”


    In providing the highest degree of law enforcement, the Public Safety work to prevent, respond to, investigate, and stop crime throughout the state. The Public Safety is also dedicated to serving, protecting, and ensuring the safety of San Andreas citizens, their property, and the property of the State of San Andreas, such as roads and freeways. The Public Safety work in conjunction with local and federal law enforcement agencies to provide the highest quality of service.

  • Hiring Today

    SAPS Requirements and Dis-qualifiers:

    • At least two week member of community
    • Good standing within community
    • Valid driver’s license
    • Citizenship
    • No felony convictions
    • No DWI convictions in the two week prior to applying
    • No domestic violence convictions
    • Must 15+ to apply
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    Jay S.


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    Deputy Commissioner

    Chase B.


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    Assistant Commissioner

    Jackie Daniels