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  • Northside Roleplay

    Rules and Guidelines

    Community Rules:

    • Members must be at least 16 years of age to join NorthsideRP.
    • Members must be mature at all times.
    • Members are to respect other members, officers, EMTs/Fire-Fighters, AND Staff.
      • Insulting someone based on race, religion, gender, or nationality will result in a ban.
    • Members must be able to speak, read, and write English.
    • Members are not allowed to advertise any businesses or personal information.
      • Exceptions include (twitch/youtube or RP Businesses)
    • DDos threats on any platform will result in an instant ban!
    • RP names cannot include the full name of any celebrities or famous persons.


    • Members cannot use Discord/Teamspeak voice channels to gain an advantage in a scenario, this is meta gaming and will result in punishment.
    • Members are not allowed to join in-game channels and harass others.
    • If a channel says SDND (Strict Do Not Disturb) you are NOT allowed to message, poke, or join that channel.
      • There are NO exceptions to this rule. Your question can wait. 
      • Your best bet is to send them a message on the website and they will get back to you.
    • Discord and Teamspeak name should reflect your RP main character's name.
    • Inappropriate profile pictures, avatars, or content posted will result in punishment.


    • Members are NOT allowed to break RP at any point.
      • If you need to talk to someone outside of RP then say "Check your teamspeak app on your phone" and talk outside of game.
    • All players must have a clear and working microphone.
      • If you cannot fix your microphone within the first 5 minutes of being on the server you may be kicked.
    • Players are not allowed to injure or steal from EMS.
      • This includes vehicles.
    • Hacking of any kind is not allowed and will result in a ban with no appeal.
    • Players should value their life at all times.
      • If you are in an RP situation and your life is in danger you must RP as if you are in said danger. You can only run or act during a dangerous situation if you FIRMLY believe you would be able to accomplish those actions in real life.
    • When using air or water based vehicles you must use them for their intended purposes.
      • If you crash your plane/boat in a manner that is malicious you are subject to a permanent ban.
    • When Bank/Store Robbery Occurs There Must Be At Least 4 Cops On Duty!
    • Players are not allowed to steal police vehicle without valid RP reason!
      • BAD: You walk up to the bank and the police car outside is unlocked so you take it.
      • GOOD: You get into a shoot out with the police and their car is unlocked so you take it as an escape vehicle and drop it further down the road when you can obtain a new vehicle.

    Rule Definitions:

    • Fail RP: Any scenario that does not have a logical result from an initiation. An example would be you accidentally bump into someone and they pull a gun out and kill you as a result. 
    • Fail RP Pursuit: Any scenario in which a player attempts to flee from the police with no valid reason to do so.
    • VDM: Any scenario in which one player kills/injures another player using a vehicle with no valid RP reason to do so. 
    • RDM: Any scenario in which one player kills/injures another player using a weapon (including fists/melee weapons) with no valid RP reason to do so. 
    • Power Gaming: Any scenario where a player attempts to roleplay an item that is capable. An example would be roleplaying a bomb threat when there are no bombs attainable in the server.
      • The only exception to this rule is you may take an officers radio away in a hostage situation. That officer must mute entirely on Teamspeak AND discord if connected.
    • Meta Gaming:
    • Combat Logging: This is defined as disconnecting from the server when in a situation to avoid punishment. An example would be disconnecting from the server after the cops arrive on scene of a murder to avoid being arrested as the killer.
      • If you crash you must provide evidence of your game crashing! - NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • Green Zones: Green Zones are areas within the map that are protected their is no roleplay other than simple conversation allowed in these areas. 
      • Green Zone AreasBanks, Police Stations, Hospitals, Stores, and Dealerships.